Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Update: Fishermen Witnessed Plane Crash Around Malacca Straits

Latest Update: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Spotted in Maldives!

Fishermen claimed to have witnessed a plane crash into the waters in the Strait of Malacca off the North Sumatra provincial district of Pangkalan Susu in Indonesia.

“We saw an airplane crash around the Malacca Straits,” Hendra, a fisherman, told state news agency Antara on Monday.

“We could not go to the location where the aircraft was lost due to large waves, and the boat did not have enough fuel,” he added.

Hendra said that he and other fishermen were trying to catch fish between the waters of Malay Peninsula and Sumatra last March 8.

However, the information has yet to be verified by Indonesian authorities.

The group of fishermen is the latest to come forward claiming sightings of an aircraft at a time that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was assumed to have changed course and turn back, crossing the waters between Malaysia, Thailand and presumably towards the Indian Ocean.

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