Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 5 Elimination Results

Poojaa Gill from Singapore was eliminated during the 5th episode of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2.

Loh Lin Shan was the photographer this week in a futuristic sport themed photo shoot!

Here’s the judges comments:

Marie Nakagawa, “Perfect last week, but flopped this week. The only good thing is the blue jacket.”

Sheena Liam, “Great body and face, it would be better if she raise her leg.”

Jodilly, “She turned it out.”

Pooja, “No emotion, scubadiving mermaid, no neck.”

Janice, “Swagger.”

Natalie, “Magazine cover worthy, a lot of usable pictures.”

Nicole, “Shinning, delivers week by week.”

Sneha, “Boring”

Josephine, “She looks scary.”

Katarina, “Still in the safe zone, same face over and over again, no effort.”

Tia, “Attitude about the defeated picture.”

Jodilly Asias Next Top Model Cycle 2Katarina Asias Next Top Model Cycle 2
Philippines bet: Jodilly (L) and Katarina (R)

The remaining Top 10 are:

1. Tia Taveepanichpan, Thailand
2. Natalie Pickles, Taiwan
3. Sneha Ghosh, India
4. Josephine Tan, Malaysia
5. Sheena Liam, Malaysia
6. Janice Hermijanto, Indonesia
7. Jodilly Pendre, Philippines
8. Marie Nakagawa, Japan
9. Nicole Lee, Singapore
10. Katarina Rodriguez, Philippines

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