The X Factor UK Season 9 Top 6 Performance Recap & Videos

The X Factor UK Season 9 remaining six acts performed on Saturday, November 17.

Jahmene Douglas, James Arthur, Rylan Clark, Ella Henderson, Union J and Christopher Maloney performed songs they love.

It’s “Guilty Pleasures” theme on The X Factor!

Watch them performed below!

Ella Henderson – You’re The One That I Want by John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John / Grease
Gary: We are only 4 weeks from the final and that was your best performance to date! Perfect performance, well done!

Nicole: I didn’t like this song choice. Your voice sounded glorious. You look like a golden goddess, you are beyond your years.

Louis: What an amazing song choice. That was electrifying for me. You are going to sell millions and million of records.

Tulisa: That’s what this week is all about. Taking a cheesy classic and turning it around.

James Arthur – Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Lauryn Hill
Louis: Every week you come out… The song choice was a bit safe. You are definitely going to get a record deal.

Tulisa: You’ve done it again.

Gary: Aside from my category, I want you to win this competition, you are brilliant, I love your music.

Nicole: When you sing, we can’t take our eyes off of you.

Jahmene Douglas – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Tulisa: I am running out of ways to kiss your butt every week. I noticed something new tonight and that is a changed in you as a performer. I think you have found yourself in this competition , you have evolved into the man you were meant to be.

Gary: Your talent is ridiculous, it is. The growth has been incredible. Week after week you come back and deliver, it’s always hard doing an uptempo but I felt the emotion coming from you. For me sometimes, there is too many ad libs but you are a great singer. Well done, brilliant performance.

Loui: You are my favourite contestant by far, you have to make the final. You are a born recording star, you have got it all.

Nicole: You’re sick this week and you fought through it like you fight every week, I am so proud of you!

Rylan Clark – Duran Duran and Bros Medley
Louis: You haven’t got a great voice, but you are a great performer.

Tulisa: It wasn’t as explosive as last week.

Gary: The good news is, you are famous. The bad news is, give it a couple of months … This is going nowhere for me, it’s not getting any better, it’s getting worse.

Nicole: I took a big risk when I brought you to the live shows and you are still here. I want everyone at home and even their babies to pick up their phones and vote for Rylan.

Christopher Maloney – Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler
Tulisa: We’ve established that I won’t be buying the album but putting that aside, you are always consistent and I think you sounded really good.

Gary: Well done, nice comments. I need to tell everyone what a fantastic guy you are to deal with….it’s always a pleasure. Thanks!

Louis: Vocally I can’t fault you, you hit all the notes. You must be doing something right…I’m not sure what it is.

Nicole: That was a lot to take in. It was hard for me to get around the massive life size portrait of your face and then the lasers up your eyes. It was a little creepy but you sounded really nice.

Union J – Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Tulisa: This is a very hard performance for me to judge. I’m not a big fan of this song. It was too cheesy for me.

Gary: I absolutely love this song. You’ve never looked better, you’ve won the battle of the boybands, that was a good performance.

Nicole: That song is definitely my guilty pleasure. But you need to get more creative with your staging.

Louis: You are the only boyband left, I want people to vote for you!