The X Factor USA Season 3 Top 16 (Spoilers)

The X Factor USA Season 3 Top 16 has been revealed! The 16 singers were chosen from a group of 40 contestants in front of a live audience on Sunday and Monday in Los Angeles.

X Factor USA Season 3 Top 16

Here’s the twist: If the singer is safe after the performance, the assigned mentor will ask to take a seat on stage. However, if the mentor like another singer during the rounds, he will eliminate his contestant and will declare safe to make room for the new contestant. No more boot camp and judges house this season!

Here’s the list of The Top 16 from the spoiler thread at Idol Forums.

Boys (Paulina Rubio)
1) Carlito Olivero
2) Carlos Guevara
3) Josh Levi
4) Tim

Girls (Demi Lovato)
1) Danielle Geimer
2) Ellona Rano Santiago
3) Khaya Cohen
4) Rion Paige Thompson

Groups (Simon Cowell)
1) Alex & Sierra
2) Manufactured Country Boyband called “Restless Road” (Andrew Scholz, Colton Pack and Zach Beeken
3) RoXxy Montana
4) Manufactured Girl Group called “Sweet Suspense” (Celine Polenghi, Millie Thrasher, and Summer Reign

Overs (Kelly Rowland)
1) James Kenney
2) Jeffrey Adam Gutt
3) Lillie McCloud
4) Rachel Potter

The X Factor premieres Wednesday, September 11!

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