Restless Road Performs “Love Somebody Like You” The X Factor 2013 Four Chair Challenge (VIDEO)

Restless Road performed their version of “Love Somebody Like You” on The X Factor Season 3 “Four Chair Challenge” Wednesday night, October 9.

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The judges:

Kelly Rowland: Wow! You guys are such an incredible country trio. This was a brilliant idea.

Paulina Rubio: I really love you three. Your different vocals blend so well. You guys are amazing.

Demi Lovato: I am so excited. When I heard you all sing together, I got chills! Simon, i hate to say this but it’s a genius idea putting this guys on a group.

Simon Cowell: One of the most nervous thing I’ve done on this competition is to wait for you three to agree on a group. I know this will work. I’m really impressed. Restless Road gets a seat!

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