America’s Got Talent Season 8 Top 12 Performance (FULL VIDEO REPLAY)

The Top 12 of America’s Got Talent Season 8 performed on Tuesday night, September 10, 2013.

Americas Got Talent Season 8 Top 12 Full Video Replay

The Top 12 are (1) Innovative Force (Acrobatic dance troupe) (2) Forte (Opera trio) (3) Collins Key (Magician) (4) Taylor Williamson (Comedian) (5) Cami Bradley (Singer) (6) Catapult Entertainment (Shadow dancing troupe) (7) Branden James (Singer) (8) Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team (Acrobatic Group) (9) Kristef Brothers (Comedic duo) (10) Jimmy Rose (Country singer) (11) Kenichi Ebina (Dancer/mime) (12) D’Angelo and Amanda (Ballroom dancers).

Six of the Top 12 will move on to the next round of the show! Watch the full video replay of the show below.

Video courtesy of HumanSlinky.

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