Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 Candidates Leaked Online

Miss Universe 2013 Top 16 candidates leaked online. One of the judges of the beauty pageant allegedly revealed the scores via photo sharing site Instagram.


According to Missosology website, pre-pageant judge Elena Semikina posted a blurred photo showing the results of the top 16 on her IG account.

The authenticity of the list is not verified but it looks like an official list from the pageant. As of posting time, the said photo could no longer be found.

Based on leaked photo, the top 16 candidate are as follows.

1. Amy Willerton (Great Britain)
2. Patricia Rodriguez (Spain)
3. Paulina Krupinska (Poland)
4. Olga Storozhensko (Ukraine)
5. Maria Gabriela Isler (Venezuela)
6. Elmira Abdrazakova (Russia)
7. 8. and 9. are unrecognized
10. Stephanie Tency (Netherlands)
11. Erin Brady (USA)
12. Ariella Arida (Philippines)
13. Jakelyne Oliveira (Brazil)
14. 15. and 16 are also unrecognized

Meanwhile, Semikina denied the rumors and called it a hoax. “The alleged Instagram photo was never posted. The judging process has not begun – I am not even in Moscow yet! The picture is a hoax,” the 30-year-old Canadian beauty queen tweeted on Monday.

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