Mariah Carey Rushed To Hospital After Shoulder Injury

Pop star Mariah Carey was rushed to hospital in New York after dislocating her shoulder while filming her new music video for ‘#Beautiful’ last Sunday, July 7.

Escape To Total Rewards At Gotham Hall, New York

In an interview with her spokesperson Cindi Berger via New York Post, “Mariah was injured while filming a video for the remix of ‘#Beautiful,’ directed by her husband Nick Cannon,” she said .

“She was taken to hospital late last night, where doctors reset her shoulder. She is fine and is recovering at home.”

Carey will still perform at Central Park’s Great Lawn on July 13 alongside the New York Philharmonic for a free concert to benefit Hurricane Sandy Relief. “She will perform, but it is likely she will have her arm in a sling.”

PHOTO CR: Popdust

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