Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago are separated, reports Ricky Lo

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago are two months separated according to Ricky Lo in his ‘Funfare‘ column in The Philippine Star on Thursday, October 27.

Lo’s source said Barretto’s decision to withdraw money last October 25 from her joint account with Santiago was due to a woman’s intuition. See related story here.

Barretto reportedly found out that her husband cars were missing on Tuesday. She then called the assistance of her lawyer and immediately went to the bank to withdraw the 5 million in their joint account.

A source told Funfare;

“When Claudince arrived home from a taping last Tuesday, she found Raymart’s cars (several of them) missing at the garage. She got very worried. Woman’s intuition, you know. Since she and Raymart were having trouble, Claudine suspected ‘something.’ She called her lawyer and they went to the bank to withdraw P5M from her and Raymart’s joint account (presumably ‘and/or’).

“The bank branch manager told them to wait while he prepared a manager’s check because, they were told, the amount was too big. After waiting for 30 to 40 minutes, Claudine and her lawyer asked why it was taking the branch manager to issue the check, only to be informed that the account had ‘zero balance.’ That’s when Claudine broke down, which was caught by on camera by a 24 Oras news reporter.”

The couple has not release any statement on the issue as of this time.