Billy Crawford Gets Emotional on ‘The Buzz’ Interview with Boy Abunda (VIDEO)

International singer Billy Crawford finally answered all the speculations regarding the rumored break up with long time girlfriend Nikki Gil on The Buzz with Boy Abunda aired Sunday evening, July 28, 2013.

Billy Crawford Interview The Buzz July 28

In an interview, Billy admitted and confirmed the break up, he said “It is too hard to continue if you are not happy.” I am lost, I am totally lost, he continued.

He also revealed that Nikki tried to save their relationship, for four and a half years, but unfortunately, it didn’t work for the two of them.

“She has no fault. I’m not a perfect guy. I’ve done some things that I’ve regret, but she supported me. She understood. She was there. But I tend to go home by myself. I’m the one who’s completely lost and I’m searching. I asked her. Give me a chance to find myself.”

“I tend to hurt her. And I don’t really want this interview for sympathy. Whatever happens happens.”

“I have to start from scratch. I need to try to find what was making me happy before.”

Billy is returning to the U.S. on Aug. 3 to do some soul searching with the help of his parents.

“I really need to be with my mom. I have to start from scratch. I have to start from where I came from. I came from my parents. I need to try to find what was making me happy before, who I was.”

He also revealed that his interview on The Buzz will be his first and last. “For the sake of my life lang. This will be the last time that I will talk about what happened. This is the first and the last that I will talk about our relationship.”

His message to the people who were saddened by the break up:

“Pasensiya na kayo. Sa lahat din ng sumuporta sa relationship namin ni Nikki, I think I can say, from the both of us, we really thank you, kasi they gave us strength. I’m sorry. It’s really pressuring to be honest with you, that you’re perceived as one of the most looked up couples in the industry and mahirap.

Tearfully he also pleaded to God to “save him.”

“I feel like the devil is really strong. I feel defeated. All I can ask for is forgiveness.”

Watch the full video courtesy of ABS-CBN available below.

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