Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil Break Up After Four Years

Celebrity couple Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil have called it quits according to popular blog site Fashion Pulis.

Nikky-Gil-and-Billy-Crawford Break Up

UPDATE: Coleen Garcia rumored third-party in Billy-Nikki breakup.

On Tuesday (July 23), the site reported that the couple for four years and half decided to end their relationship quietly.

“Billy tried to save the relationship, but Nikki found it best to sever it off for their own good. In the end, it was a mutual decision. Earlier in the relationship, Billy and Nikki thought, and everyone believed that they would end up together. They were in fact seriously talking about buying a house of their own and some investments, too. But things happen for a reason, and years after, the separation was the best option for the both of them.”

“They confirmed though that there was no third party involved in the break-up”, the report added.

UPDATE as of Thursday (July 25) via ABS-CBN News:

This was confirmed by ALV Talent Circuit, which manages the careers of the 31-year-old “It’s Showtime” host and the 25-year-old “ASAP” mainstay, in a statement cited in a Yahoo! OMG report published Thursday.

“[Crawford and Gil] have indeed mutually agreed to end their relationship,” the statement read.

“We are greatly saddened by their admission that they have indeed mutually agreed to end their relationship of more than four years. With due respect to their privacy, we are refraining for issuing any other facts or statements related to the issue at this critical juncture,” it added.

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