Remember the 7-year old girl who joined Bagong Kampeon way back 1986? For sure you know. She’s no other than Josephine Banig Roberto ! Americans know her well when she became the International Search Champion at the age of 10.

Since then, Banig became a Superstar not only here in the Philippines, but she also succesfully hit the International scene. She has appeared in many US television shows like the Arsenio Hall Show, Into The Night With Rick Dees, Maury Povich Show, Super Dave Osborne Show, Good Day LA, AM Los Angeles and appeared in numerous concerts in the U.S.

The question is, where is Banig now? Do you know that she’s going back here this year? Yes, Banig will visit the Philippines early this year and for sure many of her fans can’t wait to see her perform on stage. Now a lady, Banig will visit her homeland to promote her most awaited self produced Philippine album. Most of the songs are written and composed by Banig herself. The album has English and Tagalog songs and some are revivals.

With so many years of being away from the Philippine entertainment scene, Banig is getting ready to embark in an opportunity that will lead her closer to her fans in her homeland. After years and years of learning her craft, Banig’s new album will certainly give her fans what they have been longing for.

Truly Philippines pride! Josephine “Banig” Roberto. Proud Pinoy!