Angeline Quinto Falls on ASAP 2012 Stage (Video)

Female Pop Superstar Angeline Quinto accidentally slipped on stage while performing “Pinoy Champs” production number with Jovit Baldivino, Yeng Constantino and Marcelito Pomoy on “ASAP 2012” Sunday.

The Star Power grand champion stepped on her dress and fell while she was on her way up the stage but she gracefully stood up again and managed to finish her production number.

According to ABS-CBN News, Angeline Quinto trended on Twitter worldwide with people praising her for being a true performer.

Twitter user @harold_geronimo said, “I admire women who fell but still stood up with grace. Singer Angeline Quinto was another testament. #ASAP2012.”

@JulianMauricio also tweet, “I’m watching ASAP 2012. I saw Angeline Quinto trip. I’m glad she got back on her feet like the true star that she is. ”

Watch the video courtesy of Youtube user ‘ABSCBNTVCAPTURE101’ below: