American Idol Season 12 San Antonio Audition Recap and Videos

American Idol Season 12 in San Antonio and Long Beach! First stop in San Antonio.

American Idol 12 – San Antonio and Long Beach – Recap and Videos

Vincent Powell – “Rock Me Baby” – YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
Keith says, “I think you can take what you do and find your own thing.” “It’s clear that your voice is amazing,” says Nicki, “I can only imagine what a gospel CD from you would do.” Mariah says, “You sing like an angel.”

Derek and David Bacerott – NO.
Randy is blunt, “Definitely No No No No. Dude, the whole thing was terrible.” Mariah explain why their harmonies are terrible. Nicki interrupts, “Let’s take it down a notch and realize that we’re trying to help you.”

Savannah Votion – “At Last”. YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
Randy says, “You seem like a real natural performer.” Keith says, “You have life in your voice. Lot’s of struggles. I could hear all of it. Lot’s of empowerment.” Nicki says “It sounds so organic. Like it was what you were born to do.”

Ricky Jo Garcia – “And I Am Telling You.” NO.

Cristabel Clack – “If I Ain’t Got You”. YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
Worship leader. Married for 7 years with 3 kids. Mariah calls her a “real singer. I know you. I get you. I love you.”

Ann Difani – “Stronger”. YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
“Pretty tone,” says Keith, “A lot of Faith.” Nicki thinks it’s cute that her husband nominated her. Randy likes her.

Victoria Acosta -“Big Girls Don’t Cry”. YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
“I kept waiting for one more thing, but I can’t put my finger on it,” says Keith. Randy wants to hear some mariachi.

Papa Peachez sings an original song. YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
Nicki, “I think that you are a superstar. Loved the song.” Keith says, “It’s very theatrical. I can’t quite find you in it.” Mariah calls him quirky. Randy says, “If you could get serious about it, you could really have something.” Randy and Keith says no. Unfortunately, Randy changed his mind.

Sanni M’mairura – “Who’s Loving You.” YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
“Candy canes, Rainbows and sunny skies,” says Nicki. “Your runs were pretty. You had a great audition,” says Keith. Randy liked that he wasn’t trying to sound like Michael.” Keith liked his balance of humility and humbleness. He’s only 16.

Adam Sanders – “I’d Rather Be Blind” YES. (WATCH VIDEO HERE)
The judges give him a standing ovation. “You shocked all of us,” says Randy. “Yes,” says Nicki. “Absofrickinglutely,” says Keith. It’s 4 yeses.

Watch American Idol 12 Long Beach audition here.