OFW Slogan & Logo Design Contest

I hope it’s not late to invite people from the community in this competition sponsored by Reyna Elena herself. “She’d be more forever grateful if you join the project as a sponsor. The sponsor could be a Pinoy blogger, a local or foreign employer, a corporation perhaps or, another overseas Filipino who believes in us – the Overseas Filipino Workers.”

The competition is created not just for the prize but notably to uplift the spirit of our OFW – Overseas Filipino Workers. Reyna Elena quoted, “This is my response to the negativities hurled to all Overseas Filipino Workers by a notorious columnist who’s got the blessings and allowed by some newspaper dailies in the Philippines.”

One great example for this project is the logo on the upper left of this post.

Last day of submitting entries will be on October 14, 2007 and the Prize of Php10,000 awaits the winner.

To know more of this competition, please visit Reyna Elena’s Blog

Join the competition now. It’s never too late.